The rising country in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is the integral and most eminent founding member of EU: Italy with its staggering 300,000 square kilometre area stands tall in the most powerful members of EU bloc. The country has the unitary parliamentary state of government, with a number of the most significant figures in various aspects in the EU region.

It ranks at number four in the list of the populous states in EU. Number six in national wealth and the third-largest economy of the 61 million people, the country is one of the powerful members in decision making and implementation in the EU region.


The peninsula consists of many islands, and the real name of Italy is written as the Italian republic. The Mediterranean and Alps have helmed the country, and it has the enchanted. Breathtaking sceneries and landscapes that have the highest mountain ranges and the bigger islands most famous ones are Sicily and Sardinia.

This is the travel destination for the propel from all around the world it has the cost line of 8000 km thats among the biggest cost lines providing the travellers with the diversity and stunning views over the sea. The various regions and different geographical areas have been the house of diverse and vibrant animal species with maximum biodiversity in the entire area. It housed the one-third of species of animals and birds from all around Europe.

The sea on the one side and mountains on the other has provided the amalgamation and varying blend of the different climatic region all around the country. The people who want to have different weather conditions at the same time of the year visit different places in the country according to the weather choice.

There is a paradox in the capital that it has housed an independent state within the state. Rome, the country's capital, has Vatican City a completely sovereign state inside the most populous city of Europe. The capital of Italy has 2.3 million citizens.

There are also some other couturiers with which Italy shares its borders, and these are:

  • San Marino
  • Austria
  • France
  • Swiss
  • Vatican
  • Slovenia



Population:60 million


Member of EU:January 1, 1958

Official language:Italian


Italy was the integral member for laying the foundation stone for the European Economic Community (EEC). This EEV later converted itself into European Union in 1993.

Another important bloc was made in 1985 with only five countries, this bloc was named Schengen, and the five countries' area was treated as a single border with no border controls. Later Italy also joined the Schengen area t was the year of 1997. The Schengen area is consisted of 26 members till now, and there are negotiations with the other countries in the process who want to join the area.

The visa exemption is there to protect the citizens of all of the European states. The online visa waiver will be in effect from 2022, and it will be necessary for all the non-EU members who are from the eligible states will require this authorisation to enter the Schengen area.

Italy is also the part of the Schengen and EU; therefore all the visa policies will be in full swing in the country, and eligible country citizens must get the authorisation to enter the Schengen states and Italy. The authorisation is easy to obtain through an online process. And travellers are obligated to get the authorisation from the ETIAS visa waiver before starting their travel to the Schengen area and Italy.

The authorisation system is in effect to secure the citizens of the EU region from the potential threat from a person who has committed some serious crimes or has ties with some terrorist activists the person who is a threat for the health of the citizens will also be screened and stopped before entry to the Schengen area and Italy.


Italy is a heaven for travellers and tourists. There are 55 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is highest among most European countries. This is not the only reason that the country is a famous destination.

Tourism has the most integral part of the economy for Italy. There are various regions and different places in the country for everyone coming from anywhere in the world. The coastal areas and beaches attract beach lovers. And hiking and skiing are also provided by the country in the mountain range. There are various festivals and traditional feasts that attract fun-lovers from various parts of the world. The number of 50 million people as travellers and tourists indicates that many people are craving to enter the borders of Italy and reclaim their lives from the breathtaking sceneries and the adrenaline rush providing sports. Rome's capital and Florence and Venice are in the must-watch list of almost all the people in the world.

While the city of Milan is the important destination for all the startups and business offices in the country, the business centre is gaining more popularity among the people in recent years.

The EU nationals can easily go to Italy, and people from the other eligible country will require something more. They must obtain the visa waiver authorisation from ETIAS. Obtaining the authorisation is extremely easy and can be obtained within minutes.


The health system is quite remarkable, and it provides free of cost services in the hospital and no charge from the citizens of any of the European country in the clinic or pharmacy. The citizens of Italy and any of the other European state are considered alike in rendering health services and get the same health benefits in all the country.

When someone needs health or medical assistance, all they need is to find a hospital or a clinic, and they will be treated accordingly and free of charge. There is no compulsion for the people who want to visit Italy on ETIAS authorisation to purchase the health insurance right away. But people are buying health insurances who want to enter Italy. At the time of ETIAS authorisation application applicant has to provide the proof of the health insurance that will cover the entire stay in the Schengen area or Italy.


There are no borders in the Schengen area states, and EU citizens can enter or leave the sates ay time. They do not need any visa or special document to go in or out of the Schengen state. But the important thing they need is the EU identity card that will prove that they are the citizen of a European state. This will be enough proof for the authorisation.

The non-EU members who do not need visa currently, don't need the authorisation but the ETIAS authorisation will be in effect from 2022. After that, it will be necessary for all of the non-EU citizens to apply through the online portal and get the authorisation before leaving their country and enter the Schengen states.

The following documents will be necessary for the travellers in the Schengen states:

  • Citizen of an eligible country
  • Valid passport
  • Confirmation of ETIAS authorisation
  • A return or onward travel ticket
  • Proof of funds to meet the expenses of the travel and stay


There are many ways for travellers and tourists to enter the country.

There are 20 international airports in the country for people coming from all around the world.

Genoa is the name of a famous port for the people who want to come to the county on the boat.

It also has various destination by road for the people who have their own cars or are coming by bus. Train transport also allows entry to the country.

There is only one thing that non-EU people must remember in their visit to the country; they should have ETIAS authorisation and their passport with them all the time.


The ten most visited countries not in Europe but in the world has always given the place to the court because of the great number of tourist destinations for the people coming from all around the globe.

Archaeological sites, museums and cultural destination s attract the art and culture lovers.

The people who want to have different famous and dignified dishes in the different regions with varying taste will find their heaven in Italy because of the famous restaurants and destinations offering the foods of the lifetime to the travellers and local citizens alike.

The most significant status that this country enjoys is that it is the biggest and largest vine producer in the world. With gourmet and connoisseurs vine makers and distributes spreader all around the area.

The coastal regions with clear water and spectacular beaches over 8000 km coastal line are enough for the journey of the whole life for the people to have a different experience every time on the beach in every different place.

Ski enthusiasts in winter and hiking lovers in suitable weather conditions come to Italy for having an adrenaline rush and dopamine giving skiing experiences. And remarkable memories of hiking with the partners on the mountains of the Alps will force the hikers to come again and again throughout life.


2022 will require all the non-EU citizens to have an ETIAS authorisation to enter the Schengen area. People from all the different countries who currently dont need a visa will have to apply for the authorisation and secure it in order to enter the Schengen area from the external border.

The ETIAS authorisation is crated to make the EU safe from the people who can be a security threat or health danger from the citizens of the EU bloc. The ETIAS authorisation will allow all the citizens from the third country to come to the country after the complete screening and authorisation process. The process is very easy and simple.

The applicant will have to complete an online application form from home. The form will require the answer to personal and security questions, with all the details and information regarding health and immigration. Once the application is complete after paying the fee from the debit or credit card, the screening will take place, which will define the authorisation of the visa waiver.


Documents requirement in Italy?

The requiring for the document in travelling to Italy will be dependent on the situation and scenario of the traveller. Following is the list of the important documents which every traveller must have to carry:

  • Passport
  • E-mail address
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Additional documents
  • Proof of onward flight
  • Return flight

ETIAS authorisation will be valid for three years. The authorisation will electronically be induced to the passport. If the passport expires within the three years, the applicant will have to get a new passport and will need to go through all the process to get the authorisation again from the online ETIAS platform.

Can I leave Italy to visit another country?

The ETIAS authorisation is the visa waiver for the non-EU citizen. The visa waiver will allow the holder to come to the Schengen area from the outer border and have any of the European countries as the transit route and go through the bus, train or personal vehicle. The ETIAS allows the holder to come to any states for three years and stay not more than 90 days in 6 months. The visa waiver obtained for Italy will also allow travellers to visit various places in Italy. It will also allow the traveller to go out of Italy from bus plane or train. The traveller can visit any of the 26 Schengen states and view as many places as wished for. The only requirement is to provide the proof of sufficient funds, the travelling tickets or health insurance with the individual.

Visa requirement for Italy?

Currently, the citizens from the visa-exempt country do not need any visa to enter Italy. The scenario will remain the same until the last quarter of 2022 after that ETIAS authorisation will be in effect. The system will look for any discrepancy or threat associated with the visitor and will allow the 90 days` stay to the applicant in all of the Schengen states. The people who want an extended stay in Italy will have to apply for the visa and must provide all the required documents to get the visa to enter and stay Italy for some extended time.