By the end of 2022, ETIAS or the European Travel Information and Authorization System will be implemented. Lithuania is among the 26 nations in Europe that will require visitors to have an ETIAS visa waiver after it is implemented by late 2022.

Oversea nationals who visit any nation in Schengen Zone for tourism or business purposes should register for an ETIAS visa waiver once the system is implemented. An ETIAS Lithuania will also be valid for visiting other nations within the ETIAS system.

The main reason for the development of the Europe ETIAS travel permit is to increase the security in entire Europe. The ETIAS application is fully online and the registration process is efficient and simple so you will have your ETIAS Lithuania before you know it.

Basic Information about Lithuania

Lithuania is officiallyknown as the Republic of Lithuania and is the most populous and largest of the Baltic States. The total area of Lithuania is 25,200 square miles or 65,300 km². Currently, Lithuania is 30% woodland. Swamps and lakes are scattered throughout Lithuania that offers habitat for a broad range of wetland and forest flora and fauna.

Lithuania is located beside the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea and has borders with two ETIAS nations:

  • Poland
  • Latvia

The country also shares a border with Belarus and Russia's Kaliningrad region. The climate of Lithuania is temperate having both continental and maritime effects. The warmest month in Lithuania is July where the average temperatures reach 16 oC or 62 oF while the coldest month of the year is January with daily averages drop to -3.9 oC or 25 oF.

Lithuania and the European Union

In May 2004, Lithuania became a member of the European Union and in 2015; the country accepted the euro currency. Today, Internal European trade accounts for 60% of Lithuania's exports. Presently, there are 11 members from Lithuania in the European Parliament and Lithuania government representatives regularly join the European Union Council meetings.

Being a member of Schengen Area nations, the country permits free movement between member states since 2007. As Lithuania is bordered by other Schengen countries i.e. Latvia and Poland, the country enjoys proximity to Denmark, Sweden, and Finland across the Baltic Sea.

Recently, Lithuania authorities have been involved in the introduction of ETIAS visa waiver for Europe that is intended to increase security and safety throughout the Zone, including Lithuania.

Visiting Lithuania

Recently, the rise has been seen in international tourism in Lithuania with almost 1.7 million foreign travelers spending time in Lithuania per year. The major attractions in Lithuania are its spectacular nature, its architecture, and wildlife as well as a large number of perfect seaside spa towns and resorts.

Many travelers visit Lithuania from nearby Schengen nations Poland and Latvia who gain benefits of the border-free travel. It is not only European citizens who can get access to Lithuania visa-free. Due to the visa liberalization policy of Europe, the nationals of non-European nations can stay for 90 days in Lithuania without a visa. By the end of the year 2022, an ETIAS visa would be required to enter Lithuania by citizens of these nations.

Lithuania has the central position in Europe that makes it a great spot for travelers to explore other European Union countries. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is one of the most inexpensive cities in Europe. This is one of the reasons many travelers choose to visit Lithuania.

Is Health Insurance Required For Lithuania?

Nationals of European states must have their European Health Insurance Card(EHIC) while traveling to Lithuania. People having EHIC can find healthcare facilities throughout Europe.

The need for health insurance for travelers from outside Europe depends on the kind of visa permit they are traveling with i.e. either an ETIAS visa or a Schengen visa.

Medical Insurance for ETIAS Lithuania

Non-European Union nationals from eligible states for visa-free entry to Europe will have to get an ETIAS visa before entering Lithuania by the end of 2022.

Health insurance is not the requirement for an ETIAS visa but travelers are suggested to take out medical insurance to have a stress free time in Lithuania.

Health Insurance for Schengen Visa for Lithuania

Citizens of nations outside the European Union who do not qualify for visa-free access to Lithuania are required to get a Schengen visa.

To get the Schengen visa for Lithuania, applicants must fulfill all the requirements including giving proof of health insurance that is valid for the whole Schengen Zone and the minimum coverage must be €30,000.

Applications for Schengen visa that don't have all the required documentary evidence will be rejected.

Lithuania Border Controls

Travelers from other European Union countries just have to take their identification document while crossing the Lithuania border. Visitors from Latvia and Poland can move across the Lithuania border without being stopped at the border.

Travelers from non-European Union nations who don't require a visa for Europe canstay in the country for 90 days. After the implementation of the ETIAS visa system, it would be mandatory to get an ETIAS visa waiver electronically connected to the passport.

Non-European Union nationals who do not qualify for ETIAS visa waiver will have to show the following documents at the external border of the Schengen area to enter Lithuania:

  • A Schengen visa to Lithuania
  • A valid passport for 3 months from the proposed exit date from the Schengen zone and issued within the last ten years
  • Proof of adequate funds that cover the whole stay in Lithuania
  • Evidence of further travel like a return ticket

Travelers may be asked by border officials about the length of stay and the reason for their visit to Lithuania.

Arriving In Lithuania by Car, Train, and Plane

The biggest airport in Lithuania is the Vilnius Airportwhich is managing almost 5 million visitors each year. An airplane is a well-known choice among overseas visitors and many tourists and business-related people arrive in Lithuania by plane.

This airport is situated around 6 kilometers south of the capital and anyone can take the bus to reach the city center within 20 minutes. Direct flights are also available from other European nations including Spain, Italy, and Norway, and also have good connections to other countries outside European Union.

Visitors can also take the train to arrive in Lithuania. It is a great substitute if visitors are coming from nearby countries within the Schengen Area. The train services are available between Vilnius and Riga in Latvia and Warsaw in Poland. However, these are not direct trains and require transfers.

The bus is the most convenient option to enter Lithuania. A bus takes 4 hours from Riga to reach Vilniuswhile takes 10 hours from the Polish capital.

Europe's Visa Waiver for Lithuania

Citizens of eligible non-EU nations will have to get an ETIAS visa to get access to Lithuania by the end of 2022. Such visitors must know the requirements for ETIAS and be prepared for the implementation of a new visa waiver system for Europe.

The application process of ETIAS is completely online and applicants have to give basic passport information and personal details that will be screened against various security databases. When the ETIAS visa is accepted, the permit is connected electronically to the chip in the applicant's passport and the applicant will get an update by email.

ETIAS is intended to enhance safety by preventing the entry of prospectively dangerous people to Europe. Visitors will enjoy in Lithuania with great peace of mind from late 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which nations can I visit from Lithuania?

The country has borders with 4 countries and 2 of them are members of the Schengen Area. Since the Schengen area is border-free, visitors can enter and visit Lithuania through nearby Poland and Latvia states with the same ETIAS visa. Moreover, direct flights are also available to other ETIAS nations including the Netherlands, Germany, and Greece. Lithuania is located in the center of Europe which makes it a perfect base from which visitors can explore most parts of Europe.

Which visa do I require to visit Lithuania?

Passport holders from ETIAS eligible nations can apply for ETIAS waiver by the end of 2022. The application for ETIAS Lithuania will require a passport, an active email account, and a debit or credit card. ETIAS visa is very easy to obtain as compared to a standard visa. Foreign citizens who are not eligible for ETIAS will have to get a Schengen visa to visit Lithuania. Additional supporting documentation like proof of health insurance and funds will require getting a Schengen visa.

What documents do I require to travel to Lithuania?

Citizens of visa-exempt non-EU nations will have to get an ETIAS visa waiver for business and tourism in Lithuania by the end of 2022. The European Travel Information and Authorization System will enhance the European Union’s visa liberalization policy, allowing visa-free entry to ETIAS countries. Citizens of ETIAS eligible countries will have to apply online and the application process takes just a few minutes to complete. Moreover, applicants don’t have to wait for long to get their application approved. The whole application process can be done from home and when the visa is accepted it automatically linked with the applicant’s passport. Overseas applicants from countries that are not included in the visa liberalization policy of the European Union, have to get the Schengen visa to enter Lithuania.