The European Travel Information and Authorization System is the latest requirement that will be implemented soon for all the travellers from the eligible country who wish to visit any states in the EU bloc. The Schengen area and all the member states will require the authorisation from the ETIAS for all the travellers who want to enter any states.

As the bloc member, the Slovakia republic will also impose these requirements for all the travellers to get the authorisation before reaching the country's borders. The landlocked country is packed inside the five nations who are also the EU bloc and Schengen area members. There is no direct access to the sea from this country. And the ETIAS is extremely necessary for the travellers to enter the republic.

The republic has a rich history of bean a state and country in the European region. Slovakia has been under many monarchs, and many countries have annexed the area at different times. Many other empires in the area ruled the country, and Czechoslovakia's combined nation also ruled it in recent times. .The country earned the status of the independent state in 1993 and in the same year it also became a member of the United Nations.


After 11 years back in 1994, Slovakia became the member of three bigger unions which are renewed throughout the world the EU and Schengen in Europe and NATO all over the globe are well cherished. After becoming a member of all three unions in 2009, Slovakia adopted the euro and became a eurozone member. The country's consistent growth leads to the soaring GDP rates, which made the country shine as the third fastest-growing economy.

The indicators show inequality in employment and some significant measures tell about the unequal wealth distribution all over the country. However, Slovakia is still the high-income economy that provides financial opportunities to the natives and foreigners alike.

13 MEPs in the European Council and the almost same number of the members in all the renowned councils in the EU have raised the country's status in the EU. Like the European Commission or Committee for Economic and Social Growth, it makes the country a key decision-maker in the region. Like the other Schengen area sates, from 2022 Slovakia will also require the ETIAS authorisation from all travellers from eligible countries to enter the country.


The country's changing climate and natural beauty give it the status of the distinctive and most visited travelling country. The four seasons here provide the travellers. People love the Baroque-style towns here, and these towns let the travellers enjoy the area in the extreme weather condition ranging from -40 to 40-degree centigrade. Central Europe offers the winter with chilling cold and snow the visitors in winter. And they get the beautiful sunny days in summer.

The warm climate allows the beautiful times to the natives with the city breaks. And in winter people from all around the region love to enjoy ski on the mountain.

There are many places in the country which are the attraction for travellers and tourists. Some significant places have also been a venue for the movies to film there. The castles and ruins provide the dose of perfectly preserved past in the magnificent sceneries. The castle of "bloody lady" Elizabeth Báthory is visited by many to visit the famous 16th-century murderer's abode.

Bratislavais the country's capital, which has two banks that connect the country with the borders of the famous European countries, one in Austria and the other in Hungary. This city is the epicentre of economic activities and political scenarios.

Many traditional souvenirs are made from wood, corn husks or other materials are linked to the customs. The souvenirs are handmade, and the art is kept alive by the natives of the country.


From 2022 the authorisation for the visa will be obligatory for all the travellers to enter the country and explore the treasures of Slovakia. The ETIAS authorisation will be necessary for all of the Schengen states as well as Slovakia. People from the eligible country who want to visit the breathtaking and magnificent mountains and lakes wrong with the wonderful activities will have to present the authorisation at the entry time on the border.

This authorisation will be obligatory. Citizens from the eligible states must get the ETIAS authorisation in place of the visa waiver before leaving their home country or the third country. The travellers must apply the authorisation on the platform, which will be available on the online portal. This platform will present an application form to the traveller. And it will take only 10 to 15 minutes to fill the form and answer all the important question to get access to Slovakia for short time stay, tourism and business trips.

ETIAS application form will require personal detail and information on immigration and health history. The application form will also require the current email address. When the applicant has answered all the personal and security questions, they will have to pay the processing fee by using the debit or credit card.

After receiving the fee, the authorities will screen the information from law enforcement agencies' databases, and the visa waiver will be granted. In most of the cases, it will take a few minutes or a few hours in providing the authorisation to the applicant on the email address provided at the time of filling the application form. This authorisation will be valid for all the other Schengen states along with Slovakia. Which will be valid for three years and will so provide the 90 days short term stay in the Schengen area in 180 days time.

The authorisation will be valid for three years, and the passport must remain valid for these three years. If the applicant's passport gets expired, the ETIAS process will be necessary from step one online application form after getting the new passport.