By 2022, it will be mandatory for passport holders to sign up for ETIAS before going to Spain. This form is available on the internet and, you will need a valid password and your email address for registration.

ETIAS form is made to provide more security around 26 Schengen area nations as it would thoroughly check each visitor data before they come to Europe.

Details regarding Spain

Spain is the biggest country in the south of Europe.

It has an area of 314,401 km2. The capital of Spain is Madrid and, the natives of Spain speak Spanish. The currency of this beautiful country is the euro. Spain hosts about 46.7 million natives. It became a member of the European Union on 1st of Jan, 1986.

Spain consists of various islands, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands. Some islands located within the alboran sea, Spain. Ceuta, Melilla, and pennon de Velez de la gomer are some Spanish areas in the continent of Africa.

Spain has a border with two other countries, France and Portugal.

Visitors, who have a valid visa ETIAS form, can go to all three of these countries with the same waiver that they have attained for one of them.

Andorra, Gibraltar and Morocco also have a border with Spain and, the same visa permit is used on these as well.

On the east of Spain, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is located and, towards the north of Spain, the Bay of Biscay can be seen.

Many people visit Spain because of its weather conditions. During the summer season, this country receives abundant sunshine and, during the wintertime, the temperature level reaches a low point.

Facts about Spain

Spain is labelled as a developed nation and is also kind of powerful country. It is the 2nd biggest country within the European Union as well as in Western Europe. It is declared as the 13th largest economy of the world on the basis of its GDP.

This nation comprises of 17 communities and two cities. The national language is Spanish and, some other languages like Catalan, Galician, and Basque are spoken as well.

It registered itself as an ember in the European Union at a similar time as Portugal did and till now it has retained a good position in this union. There are about 51 nations in the whole European Union and, Spain tends to be one of these.

Apart from this, Spain is a member of the Eurozone, the council of Europe and the Organization of Ibero-American States.

In 1991, Spain agreed to the Schengen agreement in 1991 and demolished its borders in 1995.

The European Union is creating a new ETIAS travelling wavier, which shall be put in action by 2022. This form would reduce the chances of cross border cries and will provide more security to the European Schengen countries, like Spain.

Visiting Spain

Spain is a tourist magnet as it is the 2nd most visited country around the globe. Each year, more than 83 million tourists come to this country.

The reason that many people love to come to this country is that due to warm weather conditions locations like and Puerto banes have become the major tourist attractions. In the winters, places such as the Catalan Pyrenees and the Sierra Nevada hosts lots of people because it is an excellent place for skiing

Another reason, why many people visit Spain is because of its easy visa policy that permits passport holders of many countries to live in Spain for 90 days without any visa.

This policy would finish in 2022 because then the ETIAS form will be mandatory on all those who want to visit this country.

The European travel information and authorization organization is in the developing process and, this would improve security in Spain and many Schengen area nations as well.

Spain is not completely a tourist spot because many people come here to do business. The capital of this country, Madrid is a major financial hub of Europe as head offices of big corporate giants are located here.

Is medical insurance mandatory for travelling to Spain?

Tourists, who belong to European nations, must have their EHIC card in their possession when they travel to Spain. Due to the EHIC (European health insurance card), these people can get health care services in Spain and many European nations.

It is mandatory for people of other nations to get health insurance, while they come to Spain.

Health insurance requirements for ETIAS

People, who are coming from European nations that do not need a visa to visit European countries, need to sign up for ETIAS so that they can come to the Schengen area.

Medical insurance is not a requirement for ETIAS holder.

Medical insurance requirements for visa

If a tourist wants to get a Schengen visa for Spain, they required to prove that they have enough medical insurance for visiting this place. The least amount of medical insurance that is mandatory is €30,000.

The Schengen visa is given to such people, who are natives of such countries included in Europe's visa liberalization policy.

Details regarding Spain's border checkpoints

In the Schengen area, there aren't any border checkpoints, so passport holders from European nations are required to have their IDs with them when they are visiting Spain from a Schengen member state.

Due to Europe's visa liberalization policy, tourists that belong to non-European nations are allowed to go through the Spanish border without any visa and, they are allowed to stay up to 90 days without visa.

These people need to improve their habits because once the ETIAS form is put into action in 2022 as it will be required for every person to get it if they want to visit any state of the European Union. People. Who will be needing a visa for Spain, will need to show their Schengen visa and some other documents:

Passport attained in the last decade and, that expires in 3 months will be told to vacate the Schengen area

Proof of travel money needs to be shown for the whole trip.

Evidence of all kinds of travel arrangements will be required.

Officials at external Schengen area borders can ask questions associated with duration and reason for staying in Spain.

Reaching Spain by various transport methods

Adolf Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport in Madrid is the busiest airport in entire Spain. In 2019, about 60 million people arrived at this airport. Barcelona-el prat in the Catalonia region is also a busy airport.

These airports give direct flights to a popular destination like Madrid and Barcelona.

If a tourist is coming from a nearby arriving European country, they can travel via trains.

Some train times of popular destinations listed below:

Barcelona to Paris: 6 hours 19 minutes

Barcelona to Toulouse: 3 hours 16 minutes

Madrid to Marcella: 7 hours 44 minutes

No checks will be carried out on the border within the Schengen area, due to which, a person can drive from France or Portugal to Spain. Motorists from non-European countries should consist of an international driver's permit.

Travelling to Spain

The best beaches in Europe can be found in Spain. The Mediterranean Sea alone hosts hundreds of thousands of people annually.

Barcelona and Valencia are the places where a tourist can enjoy city dry life in Spain as well as its beaches.

The capital city, Madrid, hosts lots of people every year. The main attraction of the city are various art galleries and museums like the muse Del Prado, Reina Sofia, and muse Thyssen-bornemisza.

In Andalucía, people can try various dances like flamenco dancing. In the south of Spain, there are some places such as Granada, Cadiz, and Seville where people can enjoy their time.

Visa form for travelling to Spain

After 2022, ETIAS form can be accessed through an online portal and would be mandatory for visiting Spain. After people sign up for this waiver, they would receive approval for travel via email.

While people register for an ETIAS form, they are required to enter their biographic details. To finish up the form, a person is required to pay the dues of this wavier and send it for analyses.

ETIAS for Spain: FAQ

Which countries can you go to from Spain?

You can visit France and Portugal through Spain. The visa policy of Spain also applied to Andorra, so a tourist can also visit this country. Morocco borders also lie with Spain. A person can get to these countries by various means of transport like car, plane or bus. If you want to stay in Morocco and Gibraltar for a long time, you are required to get a visa for your stay.

What visa is required for Spain?

Till now, people can stay in Spain for 90 days without a visa. But from 2022, tourists are required to get an ETIAS waiver if they want to come to Spain. The form can be attained through an online portal and is easy to fill. People, who are not eligible to get these waivers, are required to get a visa for visiting this country. These people are needed to fulfil all the needs for a European visa such as medical insurance, evidence of money, etc.

What documents are required to go to Spain?

Till now you can visit Spain without a visa for 90 days. In 2022, you would need an ETIAS form for your entrance. This form is introduced to improve the security of this country and its surrounding countries. ETIAS is an application and it requires a biometric passport, a valid email and a credit card. If your application is approved, you will be emailed the approval and this would be then linked to your passport. Natives of non-European nations will need a visa to visit this country.