At the moment, Antiguans and Barbuda visitors could travel all over Europe without a visa under the Schengen agreement. However, the Schengen borders are currently facing security challenges due to the most recent terror attacks in Paris. To cater to this, the European Commission plans to launch the ETIAS visa waiver by the beginning of January 2022. Although the travel system was approved in 2016, it will officially launch by the end of the coming year.

After the ETIAS comes into effect, it will become mandatory for all Antigua and Barbuda visitors to apply for the ETIAS visa waiver. The visitors must apply for an ETIAS visa before traveling to any EU member state or the Schengen area for short trips.

The ETIAS is a multiple entry travel authorization that will enable the Antigua and Barbuda travelers to enter Europe multiple-times as long as its validity remains. The visitors can stay anywhere in the Schengen region for a maximum of 90-days with each entry but have to exit the zone once time runs out. The adoption of the ETIAS is part of the EU multilateral effort to pre-screen all tourists entering the area, recognize possible threats and safeguard Schengen borders.

The Antigua and Barbuda visitors can apply for the ETIAS visa waiver through a simple online application, which takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete. The online application makes it a hassle-free process. Applicants can apply for ETIAS from the convenience of their homes. It also removes the need to visit the embassy or consulate physically. The travel authorization is valid for a term of 3 years from the date of issue. Applicants should apply for the ETIAS before departure to the destination area.

However, visitors must note that the ETIAS is not a visa. It is a travel authorization allowing multiple entries into Europe for short stays for purposes such as business, tourism, medical, or transit.

What are the requirements for Antiguan and Barbudan visitors to enter Europe?

Antiguan and Barbudan visitors traveling to EU, in particular to travel or stay in any Schengen member state, should adhere to the ETIAS requirements to gain entry to the area.

All Antiguan and Barbuda passport holders must fulfill the following ETIAS requirements in order to apply for the visa waiver.

  • An Antigua or Barbuda passport with a minimum validity of 3-months remaining from the date of arrival in the country.
  • A correct email address where they will receive get notified about the ETIAS process and will also receive the approved visa waiver.
  • Valid debit or credit card for payment of service fees.

The online application will require the following information from all applicants.

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Gender
  • Birth date, Birth place and country.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number – dual nationality holders must choose the passport they wish to fly Europe with.
  • Current address
  • Phone number.
  • Passport issue and expiry date.

The visitors applying for ETIAS visas must also answer questions regarding education, history of employment, travel, and health. 

The immigration officials will screen all of the above-collected information against European databases such as VIS, Interpol, SIS, and Europol prior to approving an ETIAS visa application.

Which countries can Antiguan Barbudan visitors travel to with the ETIAS visa waiver?

The ETIAS visa waiver holders can access all the territories that come under the Schengen region. The Antiguan Barbudan visitors can travel visa-free within the Schengen borders multiple times until the validity of the ETIAS remains, or the linked passport expires, whichever comes first. The ETIAS enables the visitors to travel for tourism, business, or transit and stay in any member state for consecutive 90-days within a 180-day period.

What is the ETIAS visa waiver application process for Antiguan Barbudan residents?

The ETIAS travel authorization will launch next year. Antiguan and Barbudan visitors who wish to fly to Europe can apply for a visa waiver quickly through the online application. The complete process is kept simple for the ease of all the applicants. The online form would eliminate the need for applicants to go to the embassy and register for the ETIAS. All applicants can apply for the ETIAS from the convenience of their home, by Wi-Fi on any device.

The Antiguan Barbudan applicants must have all valid documents to complete the online form. It takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete and submit the form. However, once the applicant answers all the questions, they must double-check all the details for inaccuracies prior to submission. All entered details must be correct and match with the applicant’s original documents. It will ensure ETIAS approval and avoid any chances of processing delays. If an applicant provides false information, it may raise red flags during the screening process. In such circumstances, the officials will further screen the application, and this may result in delays. Each applicant will have the information screened through various EU security databases.

The application will be quickly processed if there are no inconsistencies in the applicant’s form. The applicant will then receive the approved ETIAS visa waiver within 24 hours of submission. The applicant also has to pay a minimal processing fee associated with the application.

Also, all visitors must apply for the ETIAS visa waiver at least 72 hours before their flight. It will enable enough time for visa processing in case of unexpected delays.

Travel to Europe from the Antiguan and Barbudan on an ETIAS visa.

The visitors have to present the electronically linked passport to the airport officials to board the flight and to immigration officials, once they arrive in the country.

The Antiguan Barbudan residents with dual nationality must carry the passport with the one applied for the ETIAS visa waiver because the travel authorization connects to the document through a passport number. In case the passport gets lost, stolen, or expires, the visitor cannot access the area and needs to reapply for the ETIAS visa waiver after getting a new one. Also, only full citizens of Antigua and Barbuda can apply for the ETIAS online. The passport subjects including, Antiguan and Barbudan overseas citizens, protected persons, and Antiguan and Barbudan subject, must apply for a Schengen visa.

The ETIAS allows visitors coming to the Schengen zone to stay and travel for transit, tourism, and business trips. However, the Antiguan residents who wish to visit Europe for education or employment purposes may do so with a Schengen visa. They must apply for the appropriate visa at the selected country's embassy.


How many days can Antiguan Barbudan spend in Europe with the ETIAS?

All travelers coming to the Schengen region, including the Antiguan Barbuda travelers, can stay only for a specific number of days in the area. The ETIAS policy does not allow visitors to stay in Europe for even a day exceeding the 90-day mark. Once the visitors have completed their stay duration, they should immediately exit through the borders. They may either return home or travel elsewhere as long as he does not transit via the Schengen borders. Also, the ETIAS visa waiver has a validity lasting up to 3-years as long as the applicant’s passport remains valid. If the ETIAS-linked passport expires first, the visa waiver will become invalid for European travel. In this situation, the applicant must apply for a new ETIAS application with another passport number. During the three-year validity, the ETIAS will enable the Antiguan Barbudan visitors to travel to and within Europe as many times they want but not exceeding the 90-day period within the 180-day duration. All visitors must leave the country after 90-days at all costs. Failure to do so may count as a breach of ETIAS policy and may face heavy fines, deportation, and even revocation of ETIAS. However, the visitors can regain access to Europe once they provide proof of spending 3-month outside the Schengen zone.

Does ETIAS allow Antiguan Barbudan residents to study in Europe?

No. Antiguan Barbuda visitors cannot study on the ETIAS visa waiver during their Europe trip. As the ETIAS is not a visa, rather a travel authorization system allowing visitors to come and stay in Europe for short trips, no longer than 90-days only for tourism around EU, business related trips or transiting through the Schengen borders. However, Antiguan Barbudan students can attend any seminar, workshops or educational courses that span for 3-months. The visitors who want to stay for long term should apply for the travel appropriate visa at the consulate. In future, the ETIAS implementation will benefit all the students wishing to pursue an educational degree in the Schengen member state by allowing them to travel all over Europe, visit different universities and select from a variety of options. Once the student finalizes the institution and takes admission, they have to apply for a student visit at the embassy of the Schengen member state they wish to study in.

Does ETIAS allow Antiguan Barbudan residents to work in Europe?

The ETIAS does not permit Antiguan Barbudan visitors to work in Europe. The ETIAS is not a visa and cannot allow travel for purposes other than transit, business, or tourism. Any Antiguan Barbudan visitor cannot work with the ETIAS visa. Failure to adhere to this regulation may result in revocation or ban from future application for the visa waiver. If visitors wish to travel to Europe for work purposes, they may apply to do so legally. The Antiguan Barbudan travelers who wish to get work in any of the Schengen member states must apply for a work visa at the embassy. The immigration agents may provide you different visa options and help you make the right decision.