The Kiribati travelers can travel to Europe until next year without a visa. Although this benefit is part of the mutual agreement between the European Union and Kiribati, all visitors planning a Europe trip by 2022 must have an ETIAS visa waiver in order to enter the region for purposes like tourism, business for 90-days or travelling through the Schengen borders.

The ETIAS visa waiver will obligate all the 60-eligible country residents to apply for a travel authorization. After 2022, all the Kiribati visitors coming to the Schengen area must have an ETIAS visa to access and stay through all the member states. The complete form of the ETIAS is the European travel information and authorization system.

The European Commission developed the system in 2016, because of the rise of security issues and threats to the European countries, especially after the Paris terrorist attack. The EC designed the structure similar to the USA travel authorization model, aiming to help border control and strengthen the relationship between the Schengen member countries. It will also benefit residents living in the area and the tourists travelling through the borders alike.

However, the Kiribati travellers must not consider the ETIAS as a visa to travel for other than tourism, business or transit. The ETIAS only enables travel for a limited period to the Schengen area. If any visitor wants to stay in the region for more than the allowed duration, they must apply for the intended travel purpose.

The ETIAS screens all the applicants before-hand to identify any potential risks they might pose to the EU community with their entry. All Kiribati visitors will pass a screening for background checks and criminal history through several security records like the SIS, EUROPOL, EURODAC, VIS and INTERPOL.

The EU entry-exit system, intelligence agency and the record security systems work together to secure the Schengen borders from issues that may threaten the harmony within the Schengen member states for the travellers and the European residents.

What are the ETIAS conditions for Kiribati travellers wishing to enter Europe?

Kiribati travellers intending to visit European countries after 2022 must apply for an ETIAS visa waiver to gain entry to the Schengen region. The following documents must be available at hand with all Kiribati visitors to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver.

  • A Kiribati passport valid for additional three months beyond the scheduled travel to the Schengen region.
  • Current email address to receive updates about the authorized ETIAS and the continual process.
  • Debit or credit card for payment of service fees.

The applicants Kiribati must fulfil the above conditions to apply effectively for the ETIAS visa waiver. The online system is easy and, thus, will take a few minutes to complete successfully.

With the ETIAS travel authorization in hand, the Kiribati visitors can access Europe for multiple trips to the Schengen area during its validity period. However, the visitors can travel to European countries for up to 3-years with the visa waiver without reapplication. However, each trip's duration should not exceed the ETIAS permitted 90 days within a 180 period. If a Kiribati visitor's passport expires before the visa waiver expiration, the travel authorization cannot authorize Europe travel and will become null and void. The visitors can reapply for the visa with another passport to continue using the ETIAS privileges.

How many days can Kiribati visitors spend in Europe with the ETIAS?

The ETIAS travel authorization will become applicable to all visitors coming to Europe, including Kiribati, who can access the Schengen region visa-free until the end of 2022. After it comes into effect, the ETIAS visa policy expects all Kiribati arriving in the Schengen region to have an ETIAS and second remain in the area for a limited number of days.

The ETIAS visa waiver policy allows all the visitors to stay for a consecutive stay of 90-days, during which the Kiribati visitors can travel anywhere through the Schengen borders. However, all visitors must also comply with the exit rule. Once an individual has completed the 90-day duration, they cannot stay even for a day longer and must immediately leave the Schengen country. They have the option to travel home or fly to any other non-European country but cannot travel through the Schengen borders.

The ETIAS visa holders can use the travel authorization to travel to any European country for up to 3 years without applying for a new ETIAS every time. The visa waiver connects to each applicant's original passport and cannot transfer to any other if it gets lost, stolen or expired. If the passport expires while the validity of the ETIAS remains, then the travel authorization will no longer apply to that passport. The applicant can still get another passport and apply for the ETIAS again with a new passport number.

The 3-year ETIAS validity allows visitors several trips to Europe, but they cannot exceed the 90-day period within a 180-day duration. Once the period expires, the Kiribati visitors must leave the member state, but they can regain access to Europe after staying three months outside the Schengen area. Any Kiribati visitor who does not comply with the ETIAS terms and conditions will have to deal with harsh consequences such as heavy penalties, ETIAS revocation, or even deportation.

The visitors who cannot comply with ETIAS terms will become liable to heavy penalties, deportation, and even revocation of the ETIAS visa waiver. 

The process of applying for an ETIAS from Kiribati

The ETIAS application process is simple and will take a maximum of 10 minutes to fill and submit the information. The process is entirely online and hassle-free and does not require the applicants to visit the embassy and stand in long lines for manual visa application. The Kiribati applicants can access the application anywhere with Wi-Fi through their mobile, laptop or tablet.

The Kiribati applicants must provide the following information,

  • Applicant's name
  • Gender
  • Birthday
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number – dual nationality holders, must choose the passport they wish to fly Europe with.
  • Home address.
  • Contact details, including the number and email ID.
  • Passport information; number and date of issue and expiry
  • Record of travel history and future travel plans. They must also mention the preference of first entry and intent of travel.
  • Payment details of a debit or a credit card.

Visitors applying for an ETIAS visa must also respond to questions about education, the history of work, health and security.

Once the applicant has entered all the necessary information, they must re-check the form for errors prior to submitting the application form. The applicants should check if all details are correct and match the information on the applicant's passport and ID to eliminate any complications in the visa processing.

Providing misinformation raises red flags, and the application goes through further scrutiny, disrupting the visa process. All the collected information will automatically pass screening through multiple European security databases to confirm if the applicant the information. The ETIAS has a minimal processing fee of 7-Euro, which each applicant has to pay through a valid debit or credit card.

If the individual has submitted correct information, the application process will be quick and take no longer than one business day at most. However, applications that raise red flags mat take more time as immigration officials will send them manual processing. Therefore, all applicants must apply for an ETIAS visa waiver at least three days before their flight date to allow enough time for visa processing to cater to unanticipated delays.

The applicants can receive their ETIAS approval through the email id they entered in the online form. The authorized ETIAS will link electronically to the applicant's original passport with the passport number. Hence if the passport gets lost, the travel authorization will also become null and void. In order to continue enjoying the visa waiver benefits, the visitor will have to obtain a new passport and then apply for another ETIAS.


Does ETIAS allow Kiribati residents to work in Europe?

Kiribati residents cannot use the ETIAS as a travel visa. Since the ETIAS is a visa waiver, it cannot fulfil the visa requirement that allows travellers to stay long-term in Europe. The Kiribati visitor can only travel with an ETIAS travel authorization for business, tourism or transit purpose for short term stays lasting no longer than 90-days. Staying in Europe with the ETIAS visa for work, immigration, or educational visits longer than three months is illegal. Any visitor involved in such activities will be penalized and face the consequences such as the revocation of the visa waiver or ban on future ETIAS application. If visitors wish to travel to Europe for business purposes, they can do so legally by applying for a legitimate European visa. The Kiribati travellers can apply for an employment visa at the consulate of the Schengen member state. Immigrant officers will provide you with various visa choices to help you make the correct decision.

Can ETIAS allow a Kiribati visitor to spend more than the permitted 90-days in Europe?

Kiribati travellers can visit Europe only for short trips. They can stay for 90-days in the Schengen area for tourism, business, and transit to other EU countries through mutual borders. However, once the travellers have fulfilled the stay, all Kiribati visitors must exit the region either by flying back to their home country or any other non-EU state without transiting through the Schengen border. However, visitors can regain entry after 3-months. The Schengen officials screen every individual exiting the area and ensure the visitors have not overstayed the trip. Any Kiribati visitor found to have exceeded the stay will count as a violation of the ETIAS policy. The visitor may face the consequences like revoking the ETIAS, heavy penalties, deportation and even future chances of getting an ETIAS visa waiver. However, any Kiribati visitors who want to stay beyond the 90-days can do so with another European visa; it can be for business, studies or living in Europe. The traveller must visit the consulate of the destination country and get information regarding the travel purpose. The agents will guide you regarding the documentation and visa application process.

Do Kiribati minors also need to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver?

The ETIAS visa waiver will become a compulsory requirement for all Kiribati residents who want to travel to Europe after 2022. This includes underage applicants and those above 70 years. In such a situation, the parents must fulfil the ETIAS requirements and, with the information, apply for the visa waiver on their behalf. Once the ETIAS comes into effect, anyone without a visa waiver cannot enter Europe. However, guardians do not have to pay the service charges for children below 18 years. This exemption also applies to people over the age of 70.