The Macau nationals can enter Europe visa-free for short-term trips by late 2022. The Macanese citizens can enter the Schengen member countries without the need for a visa. They can get access to Schengen nation for leisure, business, health, tourism, and transit purposes. However, by the end of 2022, when the ETIAS travel authorization system would be fully implemented, the nationals of Macau will have to obtain a compulsory entry requirement for Europe called the ETIAS visa. An ETIAS visa waiver will be compulsory for all travelers from Macau.

Entering Europe from Macau with an ETIAS visa

The purpose of ETIAS travel authorization is to enhance the security scenarios in the Schengen Zone for people living in the area as well as travelers. The battle to combat terrorism throughout Europe is another huge factor contributing to the implementation of ETIAS. It will be attained, to some extent, by checking visa-exempt visitors from more than 60 nations including citizens from Macau, before they enter Europe. The information given by applicants in the application form will be reviewed and validated against different security records like Interpol and Europol. This procedure is performed to find out the risky third-country visitor that can cause harm to the well-being and security of the Schengen countries before approval of the ETIAS travel authorization. ETIAS travel authorization can be obtained online straightforwardly and quickly from Macau. An applicant can use their smartphone, computer, or tablet to submit the simple application form for ETIAS. Getting the required ETIAS visa waiver from Macao comes with less hassle as compared to old consular visa types. The application only requires 10 minutes until you have all your basic information at hand.

The validity of ETIAS visa from Macau

For Macanese nationals, the ETIAS visa waiver will stay valid for up to 3 years by the date of approval and will permit more than one entry in these 3 years. When the ETIAS visa waiver is accepted, it will be connected digitally to the same passport that was used while filling the application form of ETIAS. If the passport of a Macanese national expires before the expiry of an ETIAS visa, the visa waiver would be considered invalid. If it is the case, the nationals of Macau will be required to get another travel authorization by providing the information of new passport such as:

  • Passport number
  • The date of issuance of the passport
  • The country issuing the passport
  • The expiry date of the passport

ETIAS for nationals of Macau to enter and stay in the Schengen Area

An ETIAS visa waiver allows Macau citizens to enter the Schengen Zone for unlimited times during its validity period of three years for medical, business, tourism, and transit purposes. The nationals of Macau having an accepted ETIAS visa waiver can enter, stay, and transit through the Schengen member countries for 90 days in a total time of 180 days. This 90 days permit for the citizens of Macau with an ETIAS visa waiver doesn’t have to be successive. This involves the total days a visitor from Macau resides in the Schengen countries in any 180 days period. Once the 90 days’ time expires, the Macau visitors are required to stay outside the Schengen Zone for the next 90-day period. When the ETIAS visa holder completed 90 days spent outside the Schengen Zone, they will be allowed to spend 90 days again within the Schengen member country. Visitors with ETIAS visas who overstay the permitted time limit will face serious consequences such as fines, visa cancellation, or deportation. Moreover, the nationals of Macau who exceed the permitted stay limit of the ETIAS visa or who are rejected to enter the Schengen Zone will be required to register those refusals in EES or Entry Exit System. Such listings can be checked by authorities of the Schengen Area while Macau citizen tries to get any other visa or cross the border in the future.

Documents Required for ETIAS visa application for Macanese

By late 2022, Macau citizens can apply for an ETIAS visa before entering Europe. To apply for the ETIAS visa, applicants need to have the below-mentioned details at hand:

  • The passport that is valid for 3 months from the proposed date of arrival to the Schengen Zone
  • A debit or credit card to pay the fee for an ETIAS visa
  • A working and valid email ID where nationals of Macau will get updates regarding the ETIAS visa status and the electronic copy of the ETIAS visa after approval

ETIAS application from Macau

When the application process for ETIAS has been completed for the citizens of Macau and their online payment has been approved, the ETIAS system will start auto screening of their profiles. Many requests for ETIAS visa from Macanese citizens should be confirmed in just 24 hours while other may take 2 to 3 business days. When the processing of the ETIAS application is completed, the Macau applicants will receive an email with a digital copy of their accepted visa. Very few ETIAS applicants may be labeled red flag while auto screening the applications and then go through manual review. If it is the case, a person dealing with the application will review the details given in the ETIAS visa form. If the application for ETIAS by a Macau citizen is refused, a person will get an email with the reason for refusal and details about the way to appeal the decision. The best bet is to submit an ETIAS visa application 2 to 3 days before the proposed date of departure. It will provide enough time for screening and getting updates about the visa through email.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do citizens of Macau having dual nationality require an ETIAS visa?

Citizens of Macau who are applying for an ETIAS visa waiver can only complete the application process with one passport per national. Dual nationality holder Macau citizens should select one passport through which they want to get access to European Union. Once approved, the ETIAS visa is digitally connected to one passport and there is no way to transfer it to another passport of the same person. The citizens of Macau with dual nationality from non-Schengen nations must request an ETIAS visa to get permission to enter the Schengen zone.

Do nationals of Macau require an ETIAS visa to join a conference or short course in Europe?

The professionals and students from Macau who wish to pursue their careers in European Union can perform this by taking part in workshops, conferences, and seminars. An ETIAS visa permits the nationals of Macau to stay for 90 days in Schengen member countries. Citizens of Macau who want to participate in short courses or conferences in the Schengen member nations are required to get ETIAS travel authorization by the end of 2022. An ETIAS visa is perfect for educational occasions that are of less than 90 days period. However, this is not a substitute for a student visa and it will not permit the national of Macau to get involved in academic events that long for over 90 days like getting a degree.

Can nationals of Macau with criminal background obtain an ETIAS visa for Europe?

Applicants from Macau will be asked a set of questions regarding security while filling out the application form for the ETIAS visa. Macau citizens are required to honestly answer all the questions and the given information will be checked against different security databases. Wong information provided in the visa application may lead to red flags raised and hence delay the approval process of ETIAS for the applicant. When Macau national has a criminal background, the approval of ETIAS will depend on numerous factors. For instance, the Macau citizens who are involved in minor offenses may not be rejected for entering European Union. Moreover, Macau citizens who have committed serious crimes in the past and applied for ETIAS visas are probably believed to be a threat to the well-being and security of people living in the Schengen area as well as visitors.