Before the end of the year 2022, Mexican visitors who want to go to Europe will be required to register for an ETIAS. It is a European Travel Information and Authorization System.

The ETIAS visa waiver will be in action to clarify the immigration procedure in the Schengen region. It will improvise security at borders, decrease unauthorized migration towards Europe and save from unlawful activities. If granted, it will allow visitors permission for 3 years for manifold entries of below 90 days period.

Visiting Europe with ETIAS from Mexico

After the implementation of ETIAS by the end of 2022, Mexicans who want to take a trip to any of the EU or Schengen area countries will have to register EU visa.

The ETIAS for Mexicans will be accessible for all permitted visitors aiming to travel to Europe for 90 days. In case the tour to Europe surpasses 90 days within any 180 days, visitors will be required to register the Schengen visa as it is presently the only option available for such prolonged tours.

At first, all the Mexican visitors will have to register for ETIAS to visit any country in the Schengen Zone. Nevertheless, these primary obligations are prone to modify. There should be a payment for the Mexican ETIAS visa which you can pay while applying online with your debit or credit card.

Accessible Destinations for Mexicans having ETIAS to Travel in Europe 

Mexicans having ETIAS will be allowed to enter all the 26 states of the Schengen as soon as they arrive at their particular country of the entrance. In simple words rather than, for instance, Mexican visitors requiring a Belgium or Italy visa and not being allowed to visit one nation, they will be permitted to visit the Schengen zone and move across the borders openly for 3 months.

Thereafter arriving in their specific entrance state, Mexican travelers can then go to European Union affiliated nations which are fractions of the Schengen zone like Spain, France, Italy, or Hungary. Furthermore, they will be allowed to visit the 4 EFTA non-European Union nations like Switzerland and Norway. 

Basics of ETIAS for Mexican Nationals

The ETIAS for Mexican citizens will permit travelers to access Europe utilizing any coast, airport, or land and move openly across the EU areas with only a single European travel authorization confirmed ahead of departure. Below there are some European Union visa waiver prerequisites for Mexican nationals that will be mandatory to register the ETIAS:

  • An authentic Mexican passport
  • Email account
  • Debit or credit card

All Mexican tourists moving to Europe should have a valid passport that must be valid for a minimum of 3 months after the expected date of entrance in Europe.

Visiting Europe for Mexican National: Essential Steps

For putting a successful application for ETIAS, Mexican nationals should require to undergo several online steps. First of all, they have to open the online form to apply for ETIAS. After accessing the form they have to follow the steps as mentioned below:

  1. Give Biometric Data:

In this step, Mexican citizens will be requested to give their data such as their name, father name, gender, along with their place and date of birth. Applicants also have to show their Mexican citizenship. That information will make sure that the visitor is recognized properly and progress down the immigration security at the airport.

  1. Submit Relevant Documents:

Entrant will have to put forward the data given on their passports. Then they will have to provide their passport number, issuance date, and date of expiry. The passport must be valid for 3 months after the entry date to the Schengen zone.

  1. Provide Contact Information:

Now the applicant has to fill out their permanent Mexican address, an authentic email account (this has to be valid because here they will get their ETIAS), as well as a valid contact number.

  1. Give details of Arrival Country:

An important element of an ETIAS visa is that the applicants have to express the country that they are planning to go to first. Although, when they arrive in the Schengen area travelers can move to all permitted states for 90 days. You have to be careful while moving across borders because the border security of the nation of arrival will decide finally whether you are permitted to enter the nation and Schengen zone or not. 

  1. Reply Several Personal Queries:

In this portion of the application, the person will be requested a chain of questions regarding their academic history and job scenario in the country. The above questions are asked to make sure that the person applying is not looking to get access to the Schengen area to search for employment in European countries using the ETIAS.

  1. Security Questions:

Applicants have to respond to a series of questions related to security during the ETIAS application process to prevent the Schengen area from terrorist activities by tightening the border security. In this portion, applicants will be requested to provide information on whether they’ve gone to clash areas and if they have criminal records in Mexico. Mexicans may be enquired if they have been deported from any country or they have stayed beyond the expiry of any visa.

  1. Show Connection, if any, with European National That You’ll Visit (Optional):

In this stage, Mexican applicants will be demanded to authorize their relation with any European national or foreign citizen living in European states with whom they will stay while on the visit.

After completing your application, the information that you provide them will be monitored with several databases like criminal records and citizens databases. This step will make sure that the details provided are accurate and their information can be saved, cross-checked, and communicated with the relevant bodies to ensure that you can go to the bloc without any issues. The list includes:

  • VIS
  • SIS

The whole process of application would be computerized through those systems and it can be confirmed from few minutes to a few days. When it is granted the person will get their ETIAS through provided email. Then the successful applicant can take a printout and show it with the passport while arriving at the European Union Schengen zone.

Applying From Mexico for ETIAS

Travelers aiming to visit Europe with the starting point being Mexico will be required to prepare their ETIAS online application before departing from their native country. The ETIAS application will be brief, easily processable, and can be done online from anyplace in the world for all authorized applicants. It will only take around ten minutes for applicants to fill their European Union visa form.

Applicants looking to visit the European Union & Schengen zone will surely have their visa waiver authenticated before departure. Applicants might be asked to provide proof of having an authentic authorization to move before being allowed on an airplane boarding towards any Schengen or a European member state.

Mexicans traveling with this visa to Europe will have multiple entry type visas for the full duration of the visa which is 3-years. In simple words, it means that the Mexicans can go to Europe multiple times during those years or till their passport expiry date, whichever arrives first. When any of the two expires, the visa or the passport, the candidate needs to put an application for new ETIAS before coming back to Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Mexicans with an ETIAS visa allowed to Work in Europe?

Unluckily, Mexicans are not allowed to find jobs or work in Europe under the ETIAS visa waiver. This visa is only utilized for traveling and for business motives in permitted states but not full-time employment. If you get caught working in Europe under this visa, it will possibly take you to the cancellation of your authorization, and/or you will be deported as this violates the rules and regulations of the visa waiver. To find jobs in Europe, you are required to apply for the relevant visa of that country.

Can Mexicans Apply For An ETIAS For Study Purposes?

Unfortunately, Mexicans cannot study on an ETIAS visa. The terms and conditions of this visa do not allow anyone to study in Schengen countries. If you want to study in the Schengen countries, you will have to apply for a specific study visa of that country which will depend upon the country selected and also the duration of course that you aim to study.

Can Mexicans With A Criminal Record Come To Schengen Area?

The preconditions to gain access to the European member states are not that harsh compared to the United States. If you have been found guilty of conducting minor criminal activities in Mexico then you will not be banned to enter the Schengen states. Still, you will be allowed to enter the European Union despite you did some minor crimes. Mexicans with a criminal record applying for ETIAS could get their entrance permission challenged if the European public judges them to be threatful.