Currently, the citizens of New Zealand who want to visit Europe can travel to and move around the Schengen territory without having to get a visa for Europe. Nationals of New Zealand are permitted to enter the Schengen member nations and stay for a short time only by displaying their passport to border control officials on their entry to Europe. It is because New Zealand is one of the countries in the Visa-Exempt program of Europe. But, by late 2022, New Zealanders who wish to visit Europe will have to get the online ETIAS visa waiver to get access to the Schengen territory. European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) have been developed to enhance security and emphasize border control within the Schengen Area to protect the travelers as well as residents of Europe.

Document required for ETIAS for national of New Zealand

By the end of the year 2022, nationals of New Zealand visiting Europe for less than 90 days duration can visit the area by getting the ETIAS visa waiver. Citizens of New Zealand who wish to visit Europe have to apply for ETIAS travel authorization before leaving for the Schengen zone. New Zealanders can get the ETIAS travel authorization online through a simple and easy application and its requirements include:

  • A valid passport that valid for 3 months beyond the proposed departure date
  • A credit or debit card to pay a fee for ETIAS visa waiver
  • A working email ID that is required to get the accepted ETIAS

The Schengen zone has 26 European nations that contracted to create an entity to integrate border control and passport. A new ETIAS travel authorization will allow the citizens of New Zealand to enter any of the Schengen member nations and more freely between them. The ETIAS travel authorization enables holders to stay in the area for 90 days in 180 days duration. ETIAS allows multiple entries to its holders which indicated that the visitors can spend 90 days and can’t prolong their stay and they are permitting to exit and enter all the Schengen member nations for an unlimited time. Citizens of New Zealand are suggested to consider that Ireland and UK are not the members of Schengen zone. As both nations have decided not to be a part of the ETIAS visa waiver, traveling to these countries will not need you to get an ETIAS travel authorization. Moreover, other European Union nations like Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, and Romania are anticipated to be a part of the Schengen zone, so the citizens of New Zealand who want to enter any of these nations will probably have to get an ETIAS visa waiver. When visiting Europe, the citizens of New Zealand must ensure that they apply 3 days before the proposed departure date to allow adequate time for processing your application and screening your details.

The application process for ETIAS travel authorization for nationals of New Zealand

By late 2022, the ETIAS travel authorization would be the legal necessity for citizens of New Zealand for traveling to the Schengen territory. The ETIAS travel authorization is easy to get and the whole application process is online. All you need is a stable internet connection and a device like a smartphone, computer, or tablet to complete the online application process. Citizens of New Zealand who want to get an ETIAS visa waiver will have to give their personal information including:

Applicant’s full name

Place and date of birth

Current address

Contact number

Passport details like issuance nation, date of issue & expiry, and passport number

Nationals of New Zealand applying online for ETIAS visa waiver will have to give the following details:

  • Employment history
  • Criminal history
  • Links with human trafficking
  • Drug use
  • Previous tour to conflict areas
  • Previous travel to Europe information

The whole process is online and is very simple and easy. New Zealanders can apply for ETIAS in less than 10 minutes. It is suggested that applicants revise all the details given in the application form before submitting it to ensure that all information provided is correct and there are no errors or wrong information. It will lead to smooth application processing without any delays. The final step of the application process of ETIAS is paying the fee with the help of a debit or credit card. Once submitted, the data given in the form will be checked against various security databases. The submitted details enable European authorities to pre-check the people who want to enter the Schengen area. It is intended to check the potential risks as well as improve the security structure for the safety of travelers and residents. Some European security records that are used for screening of citizens who want to want to enter the Schengen area includes:

  • Europol
  • Interpol
  • SIS
  • VIS

All the processes and security measures in an ETIAS visa waiver are created to identify nationals that travel to the Schengen zone illegally or find guilty of some kind of fraud. Thus, if an applicant from New Zealand seems to be problematic during the automatic screening of details against security records, the application form of a person will be gone through manual screening by the ETIAS operates. When manual screening by the Border authorities or European Coast is needed for an ETIAS visa waiver application, it will lead to long processing times. If the citizens of New Zealand are found to be involved in criminal activities, their ETIAS visa waiver will be rejected.

Visiting Europe with an ETIAS visa waiver from New Zealand

When approved, the visa waiver will be delivered to the email ID of the applicant. As the ETIAS visa waiver will be electronically connected to the passport of the applicant, no hard document will be posted to the applicant. ETIAS travel authorization for the citizens of New Zealand has the validity of 3 years from the approval date of the visa waiver and permit holders to have infinite entries to the Schengen Area. ETIAS visa waiver holders with dual nationality need to ensure that they carry the same passport to visit Europe that was used to get the ETIAS visa waiver. Further, the ETIAS travel authorization can’t be transferred to another passport. So, if the passport’s expiry date reached before the validity time of ETIAS ends, the travel authorization would be considered invalid. If expires citizens of New Zealand have to get a new ETIAS travel authorization.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do nationals of New Zealand require a visa to visit Europe?

No, presently the citizens of New Zealand are permitted to enter Europe visa-free. After the full implementation of ETIAS until late 2022, citizens of New Zealand have to apply for an ETIAS visa waiver before entering Schengen Zone.

How long can citizens of New Zealand live in Europe?

Citizens of New Zealand are allowed to enter and stay in the Schengen member nations without the need to apply for a visa. The 180 days duration starts on the first day when a visitor enters the Schengen zone. After the entry, the total number of days are counted that visitors spend in the Schengen member countries. Total 90 days are allowed but the entries are unlimited.

Can a citizen of New Zealand do a job in Europe?

Citizens of New Zealand can do a job in Europe without getting a work visa in advance. But when they arrive in the nation where they wish to work, the citizens of New Zealand have to get a work permit and local residence.

Can nationals of New Zealand with ETIAS study in the Schengen Area?

Citizens of New Zealand visiting the European Union with ETIAS travel authorization can participate in educational events like workshops. But the ETIAS doesn't allow the holders to get full-time degree studies in Schengen Area. The terms of ETIAS clearly show that its holders can only enter the Schengen area for business, travel, or transit purposes. For study purposes, applicants have to get a suitable study visa for that particular nation where they want to study.