Nationals of Nicaragua who wish to visit Europe for tourism or business purposes will have to get a new travel authorization called ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorization System) by late 2022. An ETIAS visa waiver has been developed by the contract of the European Parliament and European Council and the main purpose of this system is to improve the immigration issues and security in Europe. The ETIAS travel authorization will enable visitors from Nicaragua to travel to all 26 member nations of the Schengen Zone. Presently, there are 4 non-European Union nations and 22 European Union states in the Schengen Zone.

Documents required to get ETIAS for Nicaraguans

Presently the citizens of Nicaragua traveling to Europe for business or tourism purposes for short time stays don’t have to get any kind of visa. But the Schengen member nations are now applying new protocols and systems to boost border control and update travel document forms. This is the reason for the development of a new ETIAS travel authorization system. An ETIAS travel authorization will be effective by the end of 2022, and Nicaragua nationals will have to register an ETIAS travel authorization to meet the requirements of the European Union to gain access to the Schengen zone. To get an ETIAS travel authorization for Europe, entitled applicants have to satisfy the standards of ETIAS visa waiver requirements. For the citizens of Nicaragua, applicants need to have a passport with a validity of up to 3 months from the proposed arrival date. Moreover, the ETIAS visa waiver fee has to be paid via debit or credit card. Travelers also have to give a working email ID to get the approved ETIAS travel authorization for Nicaragua nationals.

Applying for an ETIAS visa waiver for citizens of Nicaragua

To register for the ETIAS travel authorization for nationals of Nicaragua, applicants have to apply through an online application form and submit the completed application. The application form will require you to enter some personal details, passport data, and travel information. The required information in the ETIAS travel authorization includes:

  • Full name Nationality of applicant
  • Date and place of birth
  • Present address
  • Contact number
  • A working email ID to get updates about your ETIAS request
  • Passport information, issue & expiry date, and passport number

Nationals of Nicaragua will have to respond to several questions related to health, security, and immigration record to conform to European law. Questions included in the ETIAS application can be related to:

  • Employment history
  • Criminal record
  • Drug use
  • Tour to conflict areas
  • Human trafficking
  • Earlier tour to Europe

The details given in the form will be cross-checked against various security databases to make sure that all details are correct and fit the requirements of Schengen Security. Many ETIAS applications will be approved within the first few hours while some take 3 business days. The approved application will be received by the applicant at the email ID given by the applicant. The ETIAS visa waiver will be linked digitally to the passport. It is suggested to apply 3 days before the intended departure date to give the appropriate time to get your ETIAS visa approved.

Visiting Europe from Nicaragua

Citizens of Nicaragua can stay in Europe for less than 90 days by registering the ETIAS travel authorization that allows the holders to enter the Schengen member nations and move freely within the territory. To improve the security, enhance the exterior Schengen Area border for potential risks and get good immigration control among nations, the European Union has developed an ETIAS travel authorization that citizens of Nicaragua can get by filling out the application form online before entering the European Union. The ETIAS travel authorization will allow citizens of Nicaragua to enter any of the European Union nations during the validity time of 3 years of visa waiver or until the passport expires. Remember that ETIAS is just a requirement for entering Schengen Area and your entry will finally be decided by the border control upon your arrival. At border control, travelers can be asked to prove that their stay will not prolong than 90 days and required documents include:

  • Evidence of further travel
  • Return ticket to Nicaragua
  • Evidence of enough funds to support their stay in Schengen
  • Zone Evidence of Health insurance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should Nicaragua citizens do if their ETIAS travel authorization gets rejected?

An ETIAS travel authorization will be the simplest and easiest method to get the travel authorization to enter the Schengen member nations. But there are many other kinds of European visas that the citizens of Nicaragua can register for when the ETIAS visa waiver gets rejected. In case your ETIAS travel authorization gets rejected, you need to look for the other visas for Europe to make your application.

What is the validity of the ETIAS visa waiver for citizens of Nicaragua?

An ETIAS travel authorization has a validity of 3 years after its approval date. But an ETIAS visa waiver only enables the holders to travel to Europe for short durations. When you get an ETIAS travel authorization for Europe, you can enter the Schengen zone and stay there for 90 days within 180 days period. Further, your visa waiver will be connected directly to the valid Nicaraguan passport that you have used while applying. When the expiry date of your passport is reached, you need to get a new passport and apply for ETIAS again even the validity time of the previous one has not ended.

Can a citizen of Nicaragua with an ETIAS visa waiver do a job in Europe?

An ETIAS travel authorization only allows holders to visit Europe for transit, tourism, and business purposes. It doesn’t allow holders to do work in Europe. With an ETIAS visa waiver, if Nicaragua citizens start working in the Schengen zone, they will see serious outcomes including cancelation of the visa waiver. However, it doesn’t mean that the citizens of Nicaragua can’t do a job in the Schengen zone. Nicaragua citizens who want to get a job in Europe have to get a work visa based on their particular conditions and the immigration policy of that specific country where they wish to work in.

Can I get ETIAS travel authorization from Nicaragua?

An ETIAS visa waiver is a digital travel authorization and the application process is entirely online. All you need to have is a mobile device, laptop, or computer, and a stable internet connection and you can apply for it from anywhere in the world. Moreover, applicants will require a valid passport and a working email as well as a credit or debit card to pay the application fee for ETIAS. The whole application process takes a couple of minutes and is usually processed in a few hours. But it is recommended to register at least 3 days before your departure.

What will happen if citizens of Nicaragua with ETIAS live in Europe for more than 90 Days?

An ETIAS visa waiver is aimed to allow a short-term stay in Europe and can’t be used to prolong the stay. ETIAS requires its holders to respect its conditions and must leave the area before 90 days. For this, officers at border control can ask for evidence of your next plan after leaving Europe on your arrival; for instance, your return ticket. Citizens of Nicaragua having ETIAS travel authorization who thinks that they can’t leave the Schengen area before 90 days that need to get a visa that enables them to live in Europe for a long time. Nicaraguans can also go to a consulate or embassy for visa details for the citizens of Nicaragua.