Currently, Lucian citizens can visit any country within the Schengen area with a visa exemption that comes with the Schengen agreement. The European Commission has plans to launch the ETIAS visa waiver by next year due to European countries' security issues. The ETIAS is also known as the European travel authorization and information system, which will become a compulsory requirement for all visitors, including the Saint Lucian residents, to apply for a visa waiver before coming to Europe. The ETIAS is a model of the USA's ESTA and Canadian ETA and fulfils the same purpose. The ETIAS will launch by 2022 and secure the Schengen borders further while strengthening ties between the member states.

What are the prerequisites for ETIAS application for Saint Lucian residents?

The visitors from Saint Lucian only need a valid passport to travel to Europe until 2022. The passport should have at least three-month validity remaining after the intended stay duration. The authorized ETIAS will allow Saint Lucian visa holders to travel to any of the 26 Schengen member states, which makes up 22 EU and 4 Non-EU members.


The 22 European union member states including,

  • Austria
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • France
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Portugal
  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Malta
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Greece
  • Czech
  • Republic

And also, these four non-EU member states,

  • Switzerland
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway


The visitors do not require ETIAS to visit these Non-Schengen European states.

  • Croatia
  • Ireland
  • Romania
  • Cyprus
  • Bulgaria

As of now, all Saint Lucian visa holders can travel freely throughout the Schengen region without any border checks, only with a valid passport. However, once the ETIAS comes into effect by next year, this visa exemption will become null. If any visitor wants to access Europe, they will need a valid ETIAS visa waiver. The Saint Lucian residents can obtain a European travel authorization through a simple online application. The process is entirely online-based, and the applicants can complete the form in ten minutes. The ETIAS visa, however, only enables travel for a maximum of 90-days within six months. To remain in the Schengen region for a more extended stay exceeding three months, the visitor will need to apply for a European visa. This policy will follow even after the launch of the European travel authorization and information system, which means visitors must exit the region once the permitted stay duration expires. The requirement is to stay 90 days out of the Schengen zone, which they can do by flying back home or any other non-EU country without travelling through the member state borders. The Saint Lucian visitors can regain access to Europe the period is over.

What are the requirements for Saint Lucian visitors to enter Europe?

The ETIAS travel authorization is a hassle-free process for Saint Lucian applicants. The system is entirely online-based and will take only ten minutes to complete. The ETIAS application will require basic details from all Saint Lucian visitors and can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection on smartphones, laptops, or tablet devices. All the Saint Lucian applicants must have the following necessary documents at hand to apply successfully for the ETIAS.

  • A valid Saint Lucian passport that has almost a 3-month validity beyond the estimated days of the trip.
  • A valid email ID without spelling errors as the applicants will receive the visa processing updates and later the ETIAS approval on the provided address.
  • A payment card, either debit or credit. After submission, the applicants have to pay a 7-EURO ETIAS processing fee. However, applicants older than 70 years and minors under 18 years do not have to pay the charge.

The documents mentioned earlier are necessary for an effective ETIAS application. Any wrong or missing information may unnecessarily prolong the visa process. The travel authorization will become mandatory for all visitors coming to Europe from 2022 onwards. The requirement will apply to all Saint Lucian visitors, including 70+ and under 18. Since children cannot apply for a visa independently, the guardian or parent may do so on their behalf with the relevant details. Parents can, however, mention their contact information and email address to receive the approved ETIAS. The online application requires the following details from the Saint Lucian visitors,

  • The full name of the Saint Lucian applicant.
  • Date of birth. Country of residence.
  • Nationality (of the passport used for the application), mandatory for dual nationality holders.
  • All passport details; issue date and expiry.

The applicant may also need to provide additional details such as,

  • Employment history
  • Travel history
  • Health issues

All applicants must correctly enter the online form and match their passport details to ensure the ETIAS visa approval and reduce processing delays. Applicants should include accurate contact info, such as telephone number and email address, in the next step. The above information must be verified by Saint Lucian visitors, as they will obtain their authorized ETIAS visa waiver via their email address. The ETIAS application will further require data about the applicant's future travel plans and must provide details about Applicants must provide information about departure and arrival dates in the Schengen area. The initial country of arrival. Applicants must include the information listed above to assure entry in their chosen Member State. They could, however, travel and stay anywhere in the Schengen region during their visit.

ETIAS Security checks for Saint Lucian visitors

The ETIAS application expects all Saint Lucian visitors to respond to the online form with all honesty. This is important for all visitors to obtain the approved visa waiver. If the immigration officials find misleading information in the online form, they will send the application for further verification will delay the visa processing. The applicant must also mention details regarding

  • Human trafficking
  • Any past criminal records
  • Drug abuse
  • Security issues

In addition, all applications will go through a variety of European security records, including Europol, Interpol, VIS, SIS, and others.


How many days can the Saint Lucian visitors stay in Europe with the ETIAS?

The ETIAS allows all visitors, including Saint Lucian, to stay and travel within the Schengen region for a short stay, not exceeding 90 days in a six-month period. The ETIAS visa waiver is valid for a maximum of 3 years, which implies that Saint Lucian travellers may visit Europe during the validity period until the ETIAS and the linked passport stay valid. However, if the passport is lost or expires before the ETIAS, the travel authorization will automatically become null and void. The Saint Lucian resident will need to apply for a fresh ETIAS visa waiver with another passport number in such a situation. While the ETIAS requires visitors from Saint Lucia to move through the Schengen area and stay for 90 days, the ETIAS policy encourages all travellers to leave the Schengen area as soon as the stay term expires. They have the option to either return home or else travel to any other country without moving through the Schengen borders. However, they can revisit Europe after spending three months outside the Schengen area.

Can Saint Lucian residents work on an ETIAS visa travel authorization in Europe?

Saint Lucian visitors should not use the ETIAS as a standard visa. The European travel authorization and information system allow the visitors to visit the Schengen region for leisure, trade, and travel through the borders. Every Saint Lucian visitor can stay in any member state for 90-days for six months. However, the ETIAS allows them to travel for trade or business activities anywhere in the Schengen area as long as they do not exceed the permitted period. Saint Lucian visitors who wish to work in Europe can pursue career opportunities in any Schengen member state. But they should apply for an employment visa at the country's embassy. In addition, the ETIAS would help those seeking to pursue jobs or business prospects in the EU. It grants them access to all the member states in the Schengen region. The Saint Lucian residents who want to stay for a longer term in the EU but cannot decide on one country may travel to different member states and decide which suits them best. Once they choose a country, they can visit a consulate to collect information regarding employment laws in a particular member state as rules vary from country to country. Therefore, it is essential to know about labour laws before applying for job opportunities in the region. A European work visa must be applied at the embassy of the destination country. The European travel authorization varies from the Schengen visa, as one is based online and the other needs manual application via an embassy. EU visas also accommodate long-term travel, such as immigration, student visas, or work visas. Whereas ETIAS only permits citizens to stay inside the Schengen area for a short duration for leisure, trading, or stopovers.

Do Saint Lucian visitors need a visa to travel to the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union in 2020. Besides, it does not belong to the Schengen region and sustains an individual visa policy. So the ETIAS cannot allow any Saint Lucian resident to enter the UK as it is only viable for accessing the Schengen countries. Therefore, the Saint Lucian visitors will need to apply for a UK visa if they wish to enter the kingdom as ETIAS will be useless in this situation.