Seychellois nationals are not required to apply for the visa, visa authorization, or travel documents to enter the Schengen zone, thanks to the agreement between the Republic of Seychelles and the Schengen states.

But by the last quarter of 2022, a new system will be in effect. This system is under process since 2016 and various efforts are made to incorporate all the significant databases to ensure the safety and security of the EU citizens and travelers inside the Schengen areas.

The ETIAS is a visa waiver that will take the basic and important information from the applicants and will screen the information from the various databases. The screening process will allow the authorities to find the individuals who can be a threat to the citizens in the Schengen zone. The travelers who have ties with the terrorist organizations or have committed some serious crime will be denied access to the Schengen zone before they can reach the border of the Schengen states.

The application process is extremely simple and the traveler will need to provide the basic information including the passport number name address and answer to the security question. The Seychellois nationals will open the online portal of the ETIAS and fill the online application form. The whole process will take only 10 to 20 minutes. Applicants use their mobile phone, laptop, or PC to fill the application form from their home or office. The application will be completed within minutes and after the completion, the Seychellois nationals will pay the processing fee with the help of a debit or credit card.


Seychellois nationals are not required to apply for the visa or any other travel document to visit the Schengen states and stay there for 90 days in the 6 months. The Seychellois nationals just require a valid passport when they reach the border of the Schengen states. The immigration authorities will check the validity of the passport and will grant them access to the Schengen state and stay for 90 days in six months.

But by the last quarter of 2022, things will completely change by the implementation of the new visa waiver system called ETIAS. This system will require the basic information, passport number, and nominal fee to provide them with the online visa waiver authorization that will make them eligible to enter any of the Schengen states and stay there for 90 days.

This authorization will be linked to the passport and the holder will be awarded with the multiple entries in the Schengen zone. For the whole three-year time the visa waiver will provide the holder with a stay of 90 days in the six months’ time. Once the 90 days are over the holder must stay 90 days out of the Schengen zone to get the chance to stay for 90 days in the 6 month time.


The ETIAS authorization is very easy to obtain. You need to open the online portal on your mobile, laptop, or pc. You need a secure connection and your passport, and other essential details to start filling the application form. The important details and requirements for starting the application process are written below:

  • A valid Seychellois nationals passport
  • Minimum of 3-month validity from the intended travel date
  • Valid credit or debit card
  • Sufficient funds to pay the fee
  • A current email address for communication and receiving the online visa waiver

Seychellois nationals who have dual nationality or more than one passport must apply from the passport which has more validity period from the intended date of travel. When the application is accepted the visa waiver will be linked to the passport you have provided at the time of application. Applicants are imperative to keep the passport which is electronically linked to the visa waiver to save them from any issue and problem.

The validity of the visa waiver is three years and it provides the holder with the access to enter any or all of the Schengen states for three years and spend 90 days randomly or consecutively in the total six months period. If the passport of the holder expires du4ring these three years the ETIAS authorization will be nullified with that at once. The holder must go to Seychellois and get the new passport and go through the ETIAS online process once again to get the visa waiver.


The online application form will require the following information from the applicants to start and complete the process:

The application form will require the following information from the Seychellois nationals:

  • Full name
  • Passport
  • Nationality detail
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ information
  • Credit or debit card
  • Phone number
  • Current email address

There are some other questions that you will also have to answer at the time of the online application:

  • Security information
  • Human trafficking
  • Past European travel information
  • Information regarding travel to some conflict areas
  • Employment history
  • Drug use
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal history

When the applicant provides the information on the online portal the process will require them to pay the processing fee from a valid credit or debit card. After paying the fee the information will be screened through the various significant national and international databases.

The applicant must double-check the spellings and information provided in the application form. Because any mistake in the spellings or discrepancy in the information concerning the database will result in the denial of the application. Though it will come with the right to appeal but still it will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete the appeal process. The wrong information will make the application go from automatic to manual. The automatic application process will be completed in 10 to 20 minutes and a visa waiver will be sent to the email address of the applicant. But once the information is sent to manual checking it will take 3 to 4 working days to remove the confusions and complexities.


The application process for getting ETIAS authorization is extremely easy. You only need 10 to 20 minutes to complete the process. After paying the fee the application will be automatically screened from the database and the visa waiver will be sent to the email address and linked to the passport. Despite this fact, the Seychellois nationals are advised to apply for the visa waiver from ETIAS a minimum of 4 days before they want to travel to the Schengen zone.

Any mistake in the application or discrepancy with respect to the database will lead to delays in the process. Once there is a mistake e or discrepancy the application will shift from automatic to manual and the process will take 3 to 4 days. The immigration authorities will personally look for the issue and decide whether the individual is not a threat to the citizens of the EU.

After the completion, the visa waiver will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant at the beginning of the application form. The visa waiver will electronically linked to the passport of the applicant. The traveler must forget the visa waiver before boarding the vehicle heading to the Schengen zone. Because after the implementation of the system no Seychellois nationals will be allowed to board the plane, ship, or bus to enter the Schengen zone.

After getting the online visa waiver the traveler must get a printed copy of the document and keep it with them all the time during their visit. The valid passport and ETIAS visa waiver printed copy to prevent any issue.

The ETIAS visa waiver is mandatory for children under the age of 18 and adults over 70. Every Seychellois nationals must apply for a visa waiver. Guardians and parents can apply for the visa waiver for the children the passport information and email address will require the guardian or parent debit or credit card to complete the application process.

Seychellois nationals must keep in mind that the ETIAS visa waiver is not the guarantee for entry in the Schengen zone. It is in the hands of immigration officials to allow or deny entry to the Seychellois nationals and all the other travels from the member states.



Currently, Seychellois nationals do not require a tourist visa and after the ETIAS there will be no need to obtain the tourist visa to visit the various tourist spots in the Schengen zone. The ETIAS visa waiver will suffice them for a short-term stay of 90 days and visit all the tourist locations.


ETIAS doesn’t allow Seychellois nationals to work in the EU area, they are allowed to visit any of the Schengen states but they are legally not allowed to work there until they get a work permit and visa to do the job.


ETIAS will not award the Seychellois nationals to get admission and enroll in any of the universities to peruse any degree. The Seychellois nationals can visit any of the state and university of their choice ETIAS will also allow them to attend seminars but they need a study visa for getting enrolled in the University of their choice.