Solomon Island citizens are currently on the list of member states as they are allowed to enter any of the Schengen states and have a stay of 90 days. All they need is to reach the border of the Schengen area and show their valid passport, they will get visa-free entry without any document to the state of their choice. Things will remain the same for the last quarter of 2022.

But after that time there will be a new system in effect, which is under process from 2016. This system is the nexus of various databases from international law enforcement agencies. These databases collectively will provide the immigration authority the power to stop terrorism and forbid the entry of the obnoxious individual before they can reach the borders of the EU.

This system is called ETIAS and it is a visa waiver authorization that will provide the member state nationals with the inline visa waiver that will authorize them to enter the Schengen state of their choice and have a stay of 90 days in the total period of 180 days. The portal will be used to get all the information from the intending travels and after screening their information from all the national and international databases to look for discrepancies if the individual has any ties with some terrorist organizations or have committed some serious crime in the homeland the officials will forbid the person from entering Schengen zone if they deem him or her a threat for the safety and security of the citizens in the area.

After the implementation of the system, all the travelers to the Schengen zone will be legally bound to obtain the visa waiver from the system and will have the authorization to stay for 90 days in the 180 days. Travelers can use the authorization for the following purposes:

  • Business
  • Meetings and seminar
  • Transit
  • Workshops
  • Tourism
  • Medical checkups and health
  • Leisure


When you apply for a visa it will grant you access to that particular country for which you have obtained the visa. ETIAS is an entirely different phenomenon. All the citizens of the member states including Solomon Island when get the authorization from the ETIAS will get the access to enter all the 26 Schengen states as many times as they want.

The ETIAS is an authorization system that will provide the online authorization and it will be linked to the passport electronically. The applicant must make sure that the passport is valid and it will remain valid for the minimum time period of three months. The ETIAS visa waiver allows the traveler with multiple trips and a great number of entries to all the Schengen states. There is only one thing that the holder must keep in mind.

The ETIAS visa waiver allows the traveler to stay for 90 days in the three-month time. If the holder wants to stay more than that he or she must apply for a full-time resident visa in that particular country.

The Solomon Island nationals with dual passports must apply for the ETIAS from a single passport, they should go for the passport which has more validity time. The authorization will grant access to the Schengen countries and the traveler must keep that particular passport with them all the time during their travel which is linked to the ETIAS authorization.

If the linked passport of the holder expires before the period of three-year validity the ETIAS authorization will be nullified right away and the Solomon Island national will have to leave the Schengen zone at once to get the passport renewed. After getting the new passport the person will have to again apply for the visa waiver authorization from the ETIAS. The process will take only 10 to 20 minutes.


  • Solomon Islands passport
  • Validity for at least 3 months
  • Credit or debit card
  • Sufficient funds to pay the processing fee
  • A valid email address


Form the last quarter of 2022 all the eligible citizen nationals and Solomon island nationals will be obliged legally to obtain the visa waiver from the ETIAS before leaving their country. Since no air-born or ground vehicle headed towards the Schengen area will not allow the person without the visa waiver authorization from the ETIAS.

Obtaining the visa waiver from this system is extremely simple all you need is to open the online portal from your home or office where you have a secure internet connection. Once you have opened the portal you will be asked to provide the personal detail and answer some of the prewritten questions. Once the application is completed you will be asked to pay the nominal processing fee. The application screening process will start right away and if you have provided correct information and there is no flag or discrepancy in your application after the screening from the various databases you will be awarded the visa waiver authorization. The whole process will complete in minutes and you will receive an email at the address you provided at the beginning of the application process.

The ETIAS will require the following from the applicant:

  • A valid passport of Solomon Island
  • 3 months validity of passport upon arrival in EU
  • A valid debit or credit card
  • Sufficient funds to pay the fee
  • A current email address

The travelers from all the eligible countries must keep their passport and valid ID all the time in the Schengen area to avoid any issue and problem.

Every person must double-check the information provided in the application form as any issue will shift the process from online to manual and you will have to wait for a long time to get the visa waiver.

The application form will require the following information from the Solomon Island citizens:

  • Full name
  • Passport
  • Nationality detail
  • Current address
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Parents’ information
  • Credit or debit card
  • Phone number
  • Current email address

There are some other questions that you will also have to answer at the time of the online application:

  • Security information
  • Human trafficking
  • Past European travel information
  • Information regarding travel to some conflict areas
  • Employment history
  • Drug use
  • Terrorism
  • Criminal history


When all the information is provided in the application form the applicant will pay the fee for the processing and it will start at one. The information will be screened through various national and international databases. Some of which are:

  • SIS
  • VIS
  • SIS II

After filling the application form the process will take not more than 10 to 20 minutes for most of the applications. Applicants must fill the form with care and vigilance in case of a mistake the application will take some longer time. Another case will also delay the process which is when the authorities find any flag on the data you provided. If the applicant information is showing any discrepancy the process will shift from automatic to manual. Immigration officials will personally look for the information and discrepancy from the database. When the application form will be shifted to manual it will take three to four working days. That’s why it is imperative that the Solomon Island nationals always supply for the ETIAS before three days of their intended date of travel.

If the authorities find the Solomon Island national as a threat to the safety of the EU nationals they will deny the person form the visa waiver and the reason for the denial will be sent to the email address provided at the time of filling the application form.

After receiving the denial from the ETIAS the applicant can appeal the decision and the whole process will take a maximum time of 4 weeks. The denial of eh information will be 1 to 2 % of the total application numbers. The basic purpose for the implementation of the new visa waiver system is to increase the security condition in the EU region and enhance the safety of the citizens and travels in the Schengen area.

The application forms that have passed the screening from the databases will make the ETIAS system send the digital copy of the visa waiver to the email address provided by the applicant in the beginning. The visa waiver will be electronically linked to the Solomon Island nationals and he or she must carry the passport all the time during their stay to save them from any issue.



ETIAS is an authorization that allows 90 days stay in any of the Schengen states. This visa waiver doesn't allow the holder to stay more than 90 days, and it also prohibits any activity which can be taken under the name of employment, job, or paid working activity.


ETIAS will remain valid for 3 years but during this period the holder can only stay for 90 days in the 180 days. Once the 90 days stay in the 180 days is completed the Solomon island citizen must stay away from the Schengen area for 90 days to again get access to the Schengen zone for another 90 days stay in 180 days period.