There is an agreement between Tuvalu and the EU regarding the visa waiver. It implies that the citizens of Tuvalu can enter Europe visa-free for short trips. Citizens of Tuvalu can enjoy this visa-free entry to Europe until the end of the year 2022 for leisure, business, and tourism, transit, or health purposes. However, by late 2022, this visa-exempt status will change and travelers have to obtain another mandatory document to enter the Schengen Zone. The new visa waiver is named ETIAS and will be fully operational by the end of 2022 for citizens of visa-exempt nations including the Tuvaluans. European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) has been developed by the European authorities to enhance and strengthen the security within the Schengen territory.

What do Tuvaluan citizens require to travel to Europe?

Towards the end of 2022, citizens of Tuvalu who wants to enter the Schengen member countries including Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, and France for short trips will have to obtain an ETIAS visa waiver. The validity of ETIAS for the citizens of Tuvalu is 90 days for each 180 days duration and permits the ETIAS visa holders to enter Schengen nations for unlimited times. In contrast to the consular visa, which is specific to a nation, an ETIAS visa waiver for the citizens of Tuvalu enables them to visit 26 nations within the Schengen Zone with a single travel authorization.

Do Tuvaluans require an ETIAS visa waiver for each European nation they travel to?

An ETIAS visa waiver for the citizens of Tuvalu can be used to visit the Schengen member nations for leisure, business, and tourism, transit, and health purposes. Moreover, professionals and students from Tuvalu who want to take part in short courses, workshops, or conferences in Schengen Area can also use ETIAS to do this unless the duration of these activities is less than 90 days.

Benefits of ETIAS for Tuvalu citizens

An ETIAS visa waiver for Tuvaluans provides holders numerous advantages including:

  • Visa waiver is easy to obtain for citizens of Tuvalu as compared to the consular visa
  • The application process is simple and the requirements of ETIAS application are easy
  • Together with ETIAS, the security system launched will help citizens of Tuvalu to cross the Schengen borders
  • The request for ETIAS is fast to process and takes 1 to 3 business days to get approved
  • The whole application process is online and applicants don’t have to go to the consulate or embassy
  • There is no interview at the embassy to get the ETIAS for Tuvaluans
  • An ETIAS visa waiver permit holders to live in the Schengen zone for 90 days in each 180 days period

Documents required for ETIAS for citizens of Tuvalu

To complete the application process of ETIAS visa waiver for Tuvaluans, the following documents will be required:

  • A valid passport for Tuvaluans with a validity of 3 months of the proposed entry date to the Schengen Zone
  • A working email ID where the citizens of Tuvalu get the electronic copy of the approved ETIAS visa waiver
  • A debit or credit card for paying a fee for ETIAS visa waiver

When the citizens of Tuvalu fulfill all the requirements of ETIAS given above, they can submit the completed online ETIAS application using their smartphone or computer from their office or home.

ETIAS application for Europe from Tuvalu

Citizens of Tuvalu who want to obtain an ETIAS visa waiver have to complete the online application form. The application process takes approx. 10 minutes to submit when the applicant has everything at hand. An ETIAS travel authorization application form will need Tuvaluans to provide the information:

  • Applicant’s full name
  • Country and date of birth Country of passport, passport number, and issue & expiry date of passport
  • Proposed entry date to Europe
  • The first proposed nation to arrive
  • Aim to travel to Europe

ETIAS visa waiver for underage Tuvaluan visiting Europe

By the end of the year 2022, an ETIAS travel authorization for the citizens of Tuvalu will be a mandatory requirement to enter Europe for visitors of all ages involving minors. Guardians or parents of underage children from Tuvalu can get the ETIAS visa waiver on behalf of their child. Parents or guardians need to complete the ETIAS application form for the minor using their information. Guardian or parent can use their own payment and contact details for paying the fee and getting updates about the application.

The application process of ETIAS visa waiver for Tuvalu citizens

Citizens of Tuvalu are suggested to review the application carefully before submitting the application form for ETIAS to ensure that:

  • The full name and birth date of the citizen exactly matches what is given on the passport
  • Passport details i.e. number, issue, and expiry date should be the same as on the passport
  • A working email ID should be given with no spelling mistakes as it will be used to receive updates regarding your application

When the application form is complete and a fee of ETIAS has been paid, your application will be processed. Your given details will be checked across various security records including EURODAC, INTERPOL, EUROPOL, VIS, and SIS. Many requests will be approved within 24 business hours while some applications may take 2 to 3 business days if the manual check is required. Thus, it is suggested to applicants to apply 3 days before the departure date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Tuvalu citizens with ETIAS travel authorization do a job in Europe?

Nationals of Tuvalu who want to work in Europe can do so with ETIAS unless the duration for business activity is less than 90 days. An ETIAS visa waiver enables the citizens of Tuvalu to work or visit the Schengen member countries. Citizens of Tuvalu who want to do work in the Schengen Area but unsure about the nation to choose can travel to Europe with an ETIAS visa waiver. Once decided Tuvaluans need to visit the consulate or embassy of the particular country where they want to work or reside in. If citizens of Tuvalu found working with ETIAS authorization in Europe, it can lead to serious outcomes including fines, cancellation of ETIAS, and deportation.

Can nationals of Tuvalu travel to Europe with a criminal history?

Citizens of Tuvalu with criminal backgrounds may visit Europe. Having a criminal background doesn’t mean that their visa waiver will necessarily be rejected. The travel authorization intends to prevent the entry of people to Europe that are involved in terrorism, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and some other major crimes. Tuvalu applicants who are involved in minor crimes can still get an ETIAS visa waiver in case not considered a risk to the security and well-being of residents of the member countries as well as travelers.

Do Tuvaluan citizens with dual nationality require an ETIAS visa waiver?

Citizens of Tuvalu having dual nationality visiting Europe will have to get an ETIAS visa waiver if they fulfill the conditions given below:

  • The second nationality of the citizen of Tuvalu can be from ETIAS eligible nation, a non-Schengen state, or a nation that require a visa to travel to Europe
  • Citizens of Tuvalu can spend up to 90 days in Schengen Area
  • ETIAS can be used to travel to Europe for tourism, leisure, health, business, or transit purposes
  • Citizens of Tuvalu with dual nationality need to select one passport to register for an ETIAS visa waiver and ensure to visit Europe on the exact passport

When accepted, the ETIAS visa waiver will be digitally connected with the passport of the applicant that was used at the time of requesting ETIAS travel authorization. The visa waiver can’t be moved to the second passport of the same person. Thus, citizens of Tuvalu have to ensure that they travel to Europe with the same passport that has ETIAS, or else they can face issues at the border controls.