Even though Ukraine isn't a member of the EU, the nation recently contracted the Association Agreement with the European Union. Moreover, citizens of Ukraine were permitted to travel to the Schengen member nations visa-free in 2017 for 90 days in each 180 days duration. Currently, citizens of Ukraine don't require a visa to enter and stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days but it will change soon. Towards late 2022, Ukrainians have to register for a new visa waiver known as ETIAS that is developed to enhance and strengthen the security of the Schengen Zone and cope with the growing issues of immigration and terrorism in Europe. By the end of 2022, citizens from third-country that are currently visa-exempt – including Ukraine can travel to 26 Schengen member nations with a new travel authorization ETIAS. They have to get the ETIAS visa waiver before entering the Schengen Area.

Requirements for ETIAS travel authorization for Ukrainians

By late 2022, the Nationals of Ukraine will have to register for ETIAS travel authorization to visit nations in the Schengen Zone. The new visa waiver has been developed to strengthen and enhance the security and safety within the Schengen territory. The details given by the applicants in the application form will be cross-checked against different security records including eu-LISA, INTERPOL, Visa Information System (VIS), Schengen Information System (SIS), EURODAC, and EUROPOL. This system is intended to enhance the safety and security of both residents of Europe and travelers visiting the Schengen zone. Visitors have to get the visa waiver using a simple and straightforward online application. It is good to know the requirements for the ETIAS travel authorization application for citizens of Ukraine before applying. The validity period for the ETIAS for Ukraine citizens is 3 years and it would require a valid passport with validity time of 3 months beyond the arrival date to the European nation. A debit or credit card will also be required to complete the payment process for the application fee. Present address, active email ID, and contact number should be given to complete the application process. It is necessary to review all the details given in the form as errors can lead to delayed process and even rejection of the ETIAS application. Also, check the spelling for email ID carefully as it will be used to send the approved electronic copy of ETIAS for Ukraine applicants. When accepted, the ETIAS travel authorization will be sent to the email address of the applicant provided at the time of applying. Ukraine applicants have to answer a few basic security questions regarding the background, health, and travel history of the applicant. Applicants may need to give the details related to the following subjects:

  • Employment history
  • Criminal history
  • Drug use
  • Earlier tours to Europe
  • Tour to any conflict areas

The application process for ETIAS visa waiver for Ukrainians

The application process for ETIAS travel authorization is simple and quick and takes just 10 minutes to submit. It is suggested to review the requirements of the ETIAS before getting started. Ukrainians who want to apply for the ETIAS visa waiver will have to give personal details and travel plan information including:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Date and country of birth
  • Nationality and gender
  • First intended nation to visit within the Schengen territory
  • Present employment and education details
  • Background and security related questions
  • Criminal background
  • Tour to the conflict areas
  • Previous entry to Europe

Once approved the electronic version of ETIAS for Ukrainians will be delivered to the email ID of the applicant given at the time of applying. Many applications get approved within the first 24 business hours while others take 2 to 3 business days. If the application is rejected, the authorities will give the justification and the applicant can appeal the decision. When the approved ETIAS is received on the email ID, holders have to get a printed copy of the ETIAS authorization and have to show it at the entry port of the Schengen zone. Citizens of Ukraine with ETIAS have to know that this visa waiver doesn't confirm their entry to Europe because border control authorities will make the final decision about their entry to the Schengen Area. Travelers can be asked to show the additional documents to grant access to Europe:

  • Proof of further travel like a return ticket
  • Evidence of enough funds to support the whole tour
  • Suitable health insurance

Visiting Europe for Ukrainian citizens

When received the approved ETIAS travel authorization for the citizens of Ukraine, the holders will be allowed to visit the Schengen member nations that are included in an ETIAS visa waiver agreement visa-free for 90 days for 180 days period. ETIAS permits its holders to visit Europe for leisure trips and business purposes but it doesn't permit Ukrainian citizens to work or do a job in the European Union. To do work in Europe, citizens of Ukraine have to apply for a particular work permit or work visa for a specific country where they want to work or reside in. The ETIAS visa waiver for the citizens of Ukraine has the validity of 3 successive years with multiple-entry access to the Schengen Area. It implies that the citizens of Ukraine can visit the Schengen member nation as many times as they want until the ETIAS travel authorization is valid and the stay doesn't go beyond 90 days. But, in case the passport of the traveler or the linked ETIAS visa waiver of Ukrainian citizens expires, they have to apply for a fresh ETIAS visa waiver before entering Schengen member nations.


Do Ukrainian citizens require a visa to study in the Schengen Area?

The citizens of Ukraine cannot study within the Schengen Zone with ETIAS travel authorization. ETIAS only allows holders to visit the Schengen member nations for tourism, business, health, or transit purposes. If Ukrainians want to study full-time within the Schengen territory, it is mandatory to get a national visa or study visa for the particular nation where they want to study. Ukrainians can take part in short-term educational courses with an ETIAS visa waiver including conferences, training sessions, and short courses.

Can Ukrainian citizens do a job with an ETIAS in Europe?

An ETIAS visa waiver doesn’t allow citizens of Ukraine to work in the Schengen member nations. In case the citizen of Ukraine with an ETIAS visa waiver is found working within the boundaries of the Schengen zone without holding a work visa, the citizens are likely to get their visa waiver to get canceled. The European visa waiver enables visitors to enter and move around the Schengen member nation for business, transit, and tourism purposes. If you work in the Schengen Zone on an ETIAS visa waiver, you will be breaking the terms and conditions of ETIAS travel authorization. If the citizens of Ukraine want to do work or job in member nations within the Schengen zone, they can get a work visa for the particular nation where they wish to reside or work in.

How long the citizens of Ukraine with ETIAS can live in Europe?

ETIAS travel authorization for citizens of Ukraine will allow holders to spend 90 days for each 180 days duration in Europe. The ETIAS has the validity of 3 years. An ETIAS can’t be transferred to another passport even if the second passport belongs to the same person. In case the passport having ETIAS expires before the expiry of ETIAS, the visa waiver will be considered null. If the ETIAS travel authorization or the passport linked to it expires, the procedure to renew it is so simple. Citizens of Ukraine just have to submit the online application and pay the ETIAS fee with a debit or credit card.